RPH offers 3 years Full time B.Sc. Hospitality Studies programme in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The course paves way to show the scope of hotel management course in Mumbai.

If you’ve decided on Hotel management as a career for you. Let’s get a basic understanding of what would be included and what are possible career paths to choose from.

Scope of hotel management course in Mumbai | Overview

The course has been designed with the following objectives

  • Prepare the students for good placement & to be successful professionals in the hospitality industry.
  • Overall development of personality- Physical, Mental & Spiritual.

Here’s a quick overview to have a better understanding on the scope of hotel management course in Mumbai

First, not every career becomes as exciting as a career in hotel management. If this is what you aspire then gear up for a challenging route ahead with unlimited possibilities.
Entry Level Job Option
Unlike many sector where your past experiences are kept before you. Opting for a hospitality management career in India would offer you a wide range of career opportunities fresh out of your institute with proper training. This is a key as the hospitality sectors often values a strong work ethic, quality service and a great personality more than just experience. At RPH, we offer similar opportunities with our campus placement partners among the top hospitality big names in India and abroad.
Career Advancement
The hospitality industry takes in approximately $3.5 trillion per year in terms of gross economy worldwide. This is a fair enough reflection of what the industry has to offer. From big hotel chains to resorts, a rightly chosen career in the hospitality sector can help you lead into countless possibilities. Often quick growth is observed from an entry level executive to a management staff.
Opportunities to travel
Traveling!!! That’s the beauty of this industry. Whether you work in hotels or events in the sector, there are jobs opportunities up for grabs in Hospitality across India. This may vary from the courses you’ve studied, your focus or specialty and the exposure received during training.

A career in hospitality is worth reviewing.
We welcome students to embark on a voyage of Hospitality Learning at Bunts Sangha’s Ramanath Payyade College of Hospitality Management Studies which will equip them for life and work in an information-rich & technology-driven World

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