After observing several courses offered by Hotel Management Institutes in Mumbai or even India as a whole. Here we are sharing our insights what you can expect from the three or four year hotel management study program and what would be needed for your selection of colleges for hospitality management in Mumbai.

A degree in hospitality studies trains students to be qualified for work in the hospitality sector and hold positions in hotel administration, hospital, airline, and MNCs sector to name a few. A B.Sc. in Hospitality Studies would prepares you to enter the hospitality world as managers with a strategic approach to growth and business. Though it’ll solely depend on the education and industry based training received that’ll enable you to even become entrepreneurs in the hospitality service. The study of hospitality combines excellent management skills and practices with hands-on hospitality internships and a specialization.

What to expect from colleges for hospitality management in Mumbai?

The key objective of a course from is to any colleges for hospitality management in Mumbai is to develop the basic skills needed in the hospitality industry upon completion of their course. These skills can be further specialized with food and beverage service, front office operations and housekeeping operations. These would be the choices for selecting your specialization and how you would lie to enter the field of hospitality management.

The course also keeps a detailed focus on developing your interpersonal skills throughout the course duration. A hotel management graduate with a great personality is always preferred in the hotel industry.

If you’re looking to grow yourself with hotel management and specialize in the field of food and beverage, any course from the top colleges for hospitality management in Mumbai will aims at providing the basic knowledge and know hows required in hygiene, food safety & nutrition as per the international standards.

Course details

At Ramanath Payyade College of Hospitality Management Studies, the course structure for a three year B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies) offers you


1 . The duration of the programme shall be three years (Six Semesters). However, if a learner doesn’t earn 120 credits in a period of three years, degree will be awarded only when he/she earns 120 credits in a maximum period of six years from the year of admission.

2.  Minimum Instructional Hours: 5 days / 34 hours per week Intake Capacity: 60 students per division. Practical batch size ( 20 – 30 Students )

So if you are looking to build up your career in the hospitality sector.  The degree course would ensures that you get all the skills and knowledge necessary for gaining expertise in the field of hotel management with a specialization of your choice.

The key to offering a B.Sc. Hospitality Studies and improve the standards of education at par the best colleges for hospitality management in Mumbai revolves around our vision of

Imparting State of the Art, Quality & Standardized training to ensure a well trained, self motivated Professional Work force par excellence that goes beyond prescribed curriculum to cater to the ever growing need of Hospitality Industry through interactive learning with Proactive Industry Participation.

Join the bandwagon and prepare yourself for the best value and culture based institute hospitality management school in Mumbai.

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