Bunts Sangha, established in 1927, is a socio-cultural organization of Bunt Community of Mumbai and endeavors to promote Socio-economic, cultural and educational aspects of its members. Known for their hard work and enterprising skills, the Bunts Sangha since its inception is trying to promote and blend traditional values with modernity.

The Buntara Bhavan built in 1980, from where the Bunts Sangha is operating now, stands on a plot of land donated by late Mr. H.T. Bhandari. The Buntare Bhavan Complex at Kurla (E) is now a hub of many activities. One of the primary objectives of Sangha was to promote education. Pioneers in starting the concept of Night Schools for working boys – the Sangha started two Free Night High Schools in Mumbai namely Karnataka Free Night High School and Shri Nithyananda Free Night High School in Mumbai, in 1950.

These Night Schools have churned out thousands of students and some of them turned out to be distinguished Industrialists, Bankers, Lawyers, Doctors and Chartered Accountants etc. The concept of Night Schools, in fact, triggered social and educational progress in the society.

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