Basic Training Kitchen

A sophisticated well equipped Basic training Kitchen where the first year students are introduced to the world of culinary art.

Advanced Training Kitchen

A sophisticated well equipped Advanced training Kitchen where the students are introduced to the world of culinary art.

Quantity Training Kitchen

Heavy duty, high end bulk cooking equipment facilitate the second year students to cater to approximately 100 students and staff on a daily basis. The Kitchen is equipped to handle 500 covers.


Tunga Training Restaurant

Well equipped with silverware, glassware, tableware, gueridon trolley and other sophisticated equipment required for quality service, it operates daily during the Lunch hours with students learning the finer nuances of Silver Service functioning as Managers, Captains and Servers. It is also a venue for small Conferences, Luncheons, Dinner meetings, Presentations and Interviews which are all managed by the students.

Front Office Lab

Designed to replicate the lobby of a 5 star hotel students are trained to take Guest check-ins, check-outs and face several mock situations which they might need to handle as Managers in years ahead.

Housekeeping Department

The mock housekeeping laboratory and laundry resembles the housekeeping department of a 5 star hotel with the latest washing machines, dryers, scrubber dryers, jet spray cleaners etc to give our students a firsthand experience of the housekeeping standards of a Five star hotel. It is also a place to enhance creative instincts such as flower arrangements and interior arrangements.




Gymnastics and Indoor Games Facilities

Other Facilities

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