“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” – Abraham Lincoln.

A belief well established in the way RPH ,offers aspiring gateways to the world of hospitality. The Institute aims to groom students, develop managerial competencies and create opportunities for professional and intellectual growth.

Our team of committed faculty in their quest and strong endeavour for education continually construct this positive and encouraging environment.

The hospitality industry in India is showing immense promise and growth potential. With international entrants in the market, there are abundant career choices in skill- based operations, business management, travel or even retail management.

We believe in making our students independent learners, shaping their futures, and in turn enabling them to follow their dreams. While all of this brings a sense of pride to our achievements, we do not rest content. Our vision is to be in the league of leading hospitality management institutions with global recognition.

We are very proud of our students at RPH and we look forward to continuing to see them as ambassadors of hospitality.

Mr. Yogesh Utekar,

Principal (I/C), RPH

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