Over the past ten years, India’s hotel industry has doubled, but at the same time, it is also facing a severe shortage of qualified, well-trained, and skilled employees. The hotel industry continues to report that the School of Hotel Management imparting hotel management studies restricts learning to the prescribed courses and has not kept up with the latest attributional and technological trends and developments in the industry. Therefore, with the support of the Shetty community, Bunts Sangha, with its huge and valuable experience and contribution to the Indian hotel industry, opened the Ramanath Payyade College of Hospitality Management Studies at Kurla (East), opposite Buntara Bhavan, Mumbai 400 070. Our goal is to provide the best, boldly dabbling in hotel administration education, and become one of the most renowned in the country and the best hotel management college in Mumbai.

Mr. Yogesh Utekar is an alumnus of Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Hotel Management. The university currently offers a three-year degree program, B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies), in Mumbai and is affiliated with the University of Mumbai.

This educational program will provide our students with more advanced knowledge, and it will be a transforming experience for those willing to procure a hotel management degree course. The course is designed in a way that it offers in-depth knowledge of the career in hospitality industry and prepares the students for the future that lies ahead.

We welcome students to embark on their journey to learn and acquire skills at the Bunts Sangha’s Ramanath Payyade College of Hospitality Management Studies, which will allow them to live and have a work experience in an insightful and technology-driven world.

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