Catering Management in Mumbai with RPH

Catering Management in Mumbai Your career journey

Catering Management in Mumbai with RPH

Catering Management in Mumbai | Your career journey.

What is catering management?

Catering management is an essential part of the food sector which includes the planning of food services for events.

In short, catering management includes food maintenance and setting hygiene standards. Catering management involves people recruited by by catering companies, hotels, airlines and cruise lines delivering food services to their respective clients.

What do Catering Manager do?

Individuals involved in catering management takes charge of following responsibilities generally:

  • Menu planning with support from the Chef
  • Staff supervision.
  • Quality monitoring.
  • Supply and stock management.
  • building relationship and managing suppliers/vendors.

This is a basic list while the actual responsibilities could vary from organizations and the role agreed on.

Why study catering management in Mumbai?

Upon completion of a course in catering management, you will be equipped with the skills to perform and excel at the role of a catering manager across industries.

In order to work as a full fledged catering manager you would need to also understand different business aspects, such as human resources management, customer service, and financial management apart from a thorough understanding of menu planning and nutrition.

A course in catering management will help to ensure that you have a solid understanding of these fundamental aspects and gain exposure with practical sessions and key industry visits.

Catering management course in Mumbai at RPH

If you wish to enhance your career in the catering industry, you can enroll for the B.Sc (Hospitality Studies) course at RPH | The Top Catering management institute in Mumbai.

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