Course : B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)


The duration of the programme shall be three years (Six Semesters). However, if a learner doesn’t earn 120 credits in a period of three years, degree will be awarded only when he/she earns 120 credits in a maximum period of six years from the year of admission.

Overview: B.Sc. Hospitality Studies which stands Bachelor of Science Hospitality Studies, is a three under graduate degree course for students who are looking to build up their career in the hospitality sector.  The degree course ensures that you get all the skills and knowledge necessary for gaining expertise in the field.

Imparting State of the Art, Quality & Standardized training to ensure a well trained, self motivated Professional Work force par excellence that goes beyond prescribed curriculum to cater to the ever growing need of Hospitality Industry through interactive learning with Proactive Industry Participation.

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