Course : B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies)


The hotel management degree course syllabus is divided across three years (Six Semesters). Based on the credit system, if a student doesn’t acquire 120 credits during these three years, he/she may have to extend the degree and appear for re-exams. The degree will only be given once the 120 credits are acquired by the student in a maximum period of six years from the year of admission.

Overview: The Bachelor of Science Hospitality Studies is a three-year hotel management degree course for students who want to develop their careers in the hospitality industry. The degree program provides academic knowledge, training in the hospitality industry and ensures that you acquire all the skills and knowledge necessary to gain experience in the field.

It provides the most advanced, quality, and standardized training to ensure that the well-trained and self-motivated professional workforce excels, goes beyond prescribed courses, and meets the growing needs of the hospitality industry through interactive learning with active participation from the industry.

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