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  • Every student must on admission obtain an Identity Card / Smart card which will be supplied by the office. The students must always carry the identity card / smart card and display in on their uniform whenever they are in the institute premises.
  • Students must not attend classes other than their own without the special permission of the Lecturer concerned.
  • Students must be present in their respective classrooms before commencement of a lecture. The first bell is meant for the students to change into their uniforms, collect their materials and go to the classes. Before the second bell rings all the students must be in their respective classrooms or else their presence will not be taken into consideration for the purpose of attendance.
  • Students are required to confirm to the grooming standards of the Institute such as appropriate clothing, correct uniforms, and short hair for boys and well combed and neatly tied hair for girls etc.
  • Students are required to attend Theory Classes, Practical Demonstrations and functions even after their normal Institute hours or outside Institute premises as part of their training which is compulsory.
  • The conduct of the student in their classes and on the premises of the Institute shall be disciplined and shall not cause any disturbance to the fellow students of other classes. The Principal has the authority to expel a student whose work or conduct is not satisfactory and the entire fees paid shall be forfeited.
  • Students must not loiter in the Institute premises while the classes are in progress.
  • Smoking or using any Tobacco Products are strictly prohibited in the classrooms or the Institute Premises.
  • Students should not bring anything inside the Institute that will in any way interfere with its orderly administration and disciplined. This includes mobile phones, pagers, personal music systems, video games etc.
  • No Society or Union shall be formed in the Institute and no person would be invited to address a meeting without the prior permission of the Principal.
  • For debates and other meetings arranged in the institute, should be presided by a responsible person approved by the Principal and the subject of the debates must be previously approved by the Principal.
  • No students should communicate any information or write about matter dealing with the Institute’s administration to the press.
  • Students are expected to take proper care of the Institute Property and help to keep it neat and tidy. All damages done to the property of the Institute by disfiguring walls, door fittings or breaking furniture etc. is a breach of discipline. Those responsible for the same shall be duly punished and the cost of the damages will be recovered from the students.
  • If for any reason, the continuance of the student, in the opinion of the Principal, is detrimental to the interest of the Institute, the Principal may ask such a student to leave the Institute. This decision of the Principal shall be final and binding on the student.
  • Students, when free, should make use of the Institute Library and must not loiter in and around the Institute.
    Any Property of the Institute damaged due to negligence on the part of the students will have to be replaced or paid for by them. Sitting on the parapet walls is strictly forbidden.
  • Non – compliance with rules of the Institute can also be dealt with by means of suitable fines and appropriate disciplinary action.
  • Students shall not do outdoor catering orders / waiting’s during the tenure of their study in this Institute without the written permission from the Principal. The Principal may take strict action against students who indulge in this practice.
  • Lunch given in the Institute is not a statutory obligation on the part of the Institute. Students are required to accept what is offered as training food.

Students will be encouraged to make maximum use of the Institute Library. Students shall abide by its rules:

  • For every student member two Library Cards will be issued one for Lending and one for Reference.
  • Students should use their own cards for issuing books.
  • Any misuse of the library facilities by the students will be dealt with strongly.
  • Students should carry their College Identity Cards to the Library.
  • Lending Facilities will start only after one month of commencement of Classes.
  • Before the Final Examination, a clearance certificate should be secured from the Librarian.


Whoever directly or indirectly commits, participates in, abets or propagates ragging within or outside any educational institution shall, on conviction, be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend upto two years and shall also be liable to a fine which may extend upto ten thousand rupees.


Any student convicted of an offence Under Section IV of Maharashtra Prohibition of Ragging Act 1999 shall be dismissed from the institute and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution for a period of five years from the date of order of such dismissal.


Whenever any student or, as the case may be, the parent or guardian, or a teacher of an Educational Institution complains in writing of ragging to the Head of the Educational Institution, the Head of that Educational Institution shall without prejudice to the foregoing provisions, within seven days of the receipt of the complaint, enquire the matter mentioned in the complaint and if, prima facie, found true, suspend the student who is accused of the offence and shall, immediately forward the complaint to the police station having jurisdiction over the area in which the Educational Institution is situated, for further action.

The decision of the Head of the Educational Institution that the student has indulged in ragging shall be final.

  • Head of the Institution may verify the antecedent of the candidate through the appropriate police authority.
  • Students while studying in any institute. If found indulging in anti-national activities contrary to the provisions of Acts and Laws enforced by The Government, shall be expelled from the institute without any notice by the Principal.
  • Candidates applying for admission against the seats reserved for Backward Class mentioned in these Rules should note that only those candidates who actually belong to the caste and communities shall be eligible for the concession.
  • If any of the statements made in application form or any information supplied by the candidate in connection with his/her admission is at any time, found to be false or incorrect, such candidate shall not be considered for admission and if already admitted his / her admission shall be cancelled, fees forfeited and he / she may be expelled from the institute by the Principal.
  • The candidates on admission shall be governed by all the Rules of the Institute for the students.